From People Like You

I am glad to have Aure as my developmental editor for my first solo-authored book. I had been working on my manuscript for so long that I could not tell what’s appealing to readers and what’s not. Aure has a talent for this—he helped me flesh out the most significant idea from each section I had written and reframed these ideas in a direct and exciting way. He also provided unreserved encouragement, which was so important in my journey of writing. 

— Assistant Professor of Journalism and Communication, Hong Kong University

Aure has the rare capacity to provide both detailed feedback on prose as well as strategic insights into the overall argument of a manuscript. Working with Aure is more than just getting back a marked-up document—it’s a real collaboration in writing. Throughout the process, he does much more than editing. He also provides ongoing encouragement for the project, suggestions for how to approach drafting, and even between drafts, they regularly send along references and excerpts of text relevant to my manuscript. My writing and thinking are better because of working with Aure, and I’ll continue to work with them for both journal articles and book manuscripts. I highly recommend Indelible Voice!

— Associate Professor of Design, Georgia Institute of Technology

Aure was an indispensable resource in the book writing process. He was supportive, patient, and provided invaluable additions regarding references, previous literature, and examples that I had missed. As the book came close to completion, he continued to be available for last-minute requests and reviews. Most importantly, he was a problem solver. Although I felt like I had all my content written, Aure helped turn the text into a book by making suggestions and reorganizing content to ensure that it was an enjoyable read as opposed to an organized collection of concepts. Thank you Aure, I look forward to the next time!

Associate Professor of Communications, Syracuse University