About Indelible Voice

Professional Academic Editing

Aure Schrock, Founder and Senior Editor

I’ve always loved working with words. During my Ph.D. program at the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism at the University of Southern California, I was lucky to learn the ropes of academic publishing. I wrote academic articles in leading journals, blog posts, and several successful books. After graduating, instead of going the “tenure-track route,” I wanted to use my editing skills and insider knowledge to help academics navigate the treacherous world of publishing.

Sadly, I saw few options for people looking for help editing their books, book proposals, and journal articles. Busy early career professors requested feedback from their friends, who were often just as over-burdened as they were. I was surprised to discover that even tenured professors worked with editors who didn’t have the domain knowledge to improve academic writing projects. Many academics were tempted by cut-rate editors who never delivered what they promised (no, you can’t properly edit a 100k manuscript for $20). I saw that academics were often forced to work with inexperienced editors who were unfamiliar with the landscape of academic publishing. As a result, an editor diluted their author’s voice and the book failed live up to its potential. I thought there had to be a better way to deliver academic editing services at a reasonable cost.

That’s when I saw how I could leverage my experience to help academics with their writing projects. As the name implies, Indelible Voice prides itself on improving your writing voice. Over the last two years I’ve developed a versatile system of social and technical tools to form the backbone of a bespoke editing plan that will result in a book or journal article that you will be proud of. I’ve road-tested this system over the last two years for clients at Universities such as the London School of Economics, Georgia Institute of Technology, American University, and University of California Irvine.

I’m proud of my clients’ writing, and they seem to like working with me as well! Please visit my testimonial page to read what they had to say about how I approach editing.
While I can improve most manuscripts, I am particularly well-versed in writing about technology, politics, data, algorithms, organizing, mobile communication, social media, platforms, civic engagement, feminist theory, and sociology. I regularly work on manuscripts that are social scientific, interpretive, or critical in approach.
To explore the possibility of working together, please contact Aure for a complementary consultation.