Indelible Voice

Professional Academic Editing

Indelible Voice can help your book or article make an enduring impact by improving your argument while retaining your unique voice. Together we can get academic writing published more quickly with less stress!

My clients have successfully published their writing in top-ranked social scientific journals, and with leading publishers, such as the MIT Press, SAGE, and Routledge. 

I am currently accepting new writing coaching, book manuscripts, and book proposal projects starting in January, 2023. Please contact Aure to schedule a consultation.

Editing Services

For Academics

Early Career Writing Coaching

Indelible Voice understands that academic writing can be stressful. Often, graduate students and early career faculty need ongoing writing coaching to secure publications in competitive journals and conference proceedings. Indelible Voice uses conversations in convenient virtual meetings to move writing projects forward by cutting through the clutter, alleviating anxiety, and improving your confidence.

Academic Book Manuscripts

Whether you have already completed a manuscript or are just getting started, we can make your book shine on a timeline that is convenient for you. While we can work on nearly any academic manuscript, we specialize in social scientific and cultural manuscripts, often involving technology and society. Indelible Voice thoroughly edits academic manuscripts for spelling and grammar, and provides actionable suggestions on how to improve a book's argument and flow.

Academic Book Proposals

Every great book starts with a book proposal—a succinct document that highlights a book's central argument and original contributions. Indelible Voice can guide you through the entire writing process, from discussing target presses to line editing chapters and sending the proposal packet off.

Indelible Voice has the rare capacity to provide both detailed feedback on prose as well as strategic insights into the overall argument of a manuscript. Working with them is more than just getting back a marked-up document—it’s a real collaboration in writing.

- Associate Professor of Design, Georgia Institute of Technology