Indelible Voice

Professional Academic Editing

Indelible Voice can help your book or article make an enduring impact by improving your argument while retaining your unique voice.

My clients have successfully published their writing in top-ranked social scientific journals, and with leading publishers, such as MIT Press, SAGE, and Routledge. 

I am currently accepting new book, book proposal, and journal manuscript projects as my schedule permits. Please contact Andrew for availability or to schedule a complementary consultation.

Editing Services

For Academic book proposals, book manuscripts, and journal manuscripts

Developmental Editing

Indelible Voice understands how to make your voice shine. Developmental editing first involves viewing your argument from a very high level. Then, we make decisions together about how to restructure the manuscript into a more rigorous and compelling argument.

Line Editing

Indelible Voice edits academic manuscripts for flow and grammar. Through line editing, we improve the readability and flow of your writing on the level of paragraphs and sentences. Most writing projects we work on involve both line and developmental editing.

From Conception to Completion

Indelible Voice understands that each academic writing project is unique. During our initial consultation, we will develop a plan and timeline that works for you. Whether you need a quick consultation on a short article, or a year of working together to complete a book, we are here for you.

Indelible Voice has the rare capacity to provide both detailed feedback on prose as well as strategic insights into the overall argument of a manuscript. Working with Andrew is more than just getting back a marked-up document—it’s a real collaboration in writing.

- Associate Professor of Design, Georgia Institute of Technology